Welcome from the Dean

Wood carving at Christ Cathedral Church in Salina

Jesus Christ became man that we might become divine;
and He revealed Himself through a body
that we might receive an idea of the invisible Father;
and He endured insults from men
that we might inherit incorruption.

These words from the fourth century theologian, St. Athanasius, state boldly the central hope of the Christian faith. The Incarnation of Jesus Christ is the point in history when God becomes a human being in order to demonstrate his unwavering love for the human race and his personal commitment to redeem us. The claim that God became a human being for our sake may sound rather strange in the twenty-first century, but it was no less controversial in the first century. The ancient world was filled with religion, but the Christian claim that God actually became fully man while remaining fully God was unique and controversial from the beginning.

The Bible tells us that humans have been created in the image of God and placed as the caretakers of the created order (Genesis 1:27, Psalm 8:4-6). Humans were made to desire significant and eternal things, but when sin entered creation, mortality followed. The result is that human beings are inherently frustrated. Our nature causes us to desire spiritual things, things which are beyond the limits of our mortal life. The fact is that life is too short. By living a human life and dying a human death, Jesus creates the possibility of a transformed human life which, though still mortal, begins to take on aspects of the eternal life that we see in the Resurrected Christ.

At Christ Cathedral, we seek to live out the fullness of human life that has been made possible for us through the Incarnation. In Jesus Christ, God has shown the human race a perfect, faithful, and obedient human life. Jesus has made it possible for human beings to be in a personal relationship with the God of the creation, and he has shown us how a relationship with God will help us transform this world according to the rules of an eternal, just, and perfect kingdom.

As we strive to follow Jesus, our hopes and desires will grow to be more like God’s own hopes and desires for us and for the creation. This happens as the grace of God enables us to exchange our selfish and sinful desires for the desires which God himself has expressed for this world (2 Corinthians 3:18; Romans12:2). As we follow the gracious prompting of the Holy Spirit, our lives will move away from the old frustrations of our mortal and sinful nature and begin to conform to the eternal life of God.

If this kind of life appeals to you, please visit us for a service or contact me personally at (785) 827-4440 or at bthomas@christcathedralsalina.org.

Peace in Christ,

Father Benjamin+